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Trends: Spring ’15 (part 1)

What’s Hot

Spring ’15 sizzles with key categories and trending themes, colors and silhouettes. —Caletha Crawford

Swim favorites like tulle accents and bright colors continue to ride the wave, while the fringe trend gets a nod, cover-ups enjoy a renewed focus and monokinis continue strong. Newcomer Just Bones offers an adjustable waistband, Le Big dives into the category and Isobella & Chloe adds rash guards.

Ethnic prints give way to a southwestern vibe with literal emblems and abstract interpretations. Digital prints create a vibrant pop of colors and provide a world a visual interest. If it gleams, it’s in as foil treatments add shine in every category. Relaxed bodies reign for spring and none more so than floaty tops. Spring clothing has a lot more character thanks to illustrations and screens picturing girly girls.




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digital prints




See more for Spring ’15 in part 2.

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