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I’ve had the pleasure of working with some really great people and brands. If you’re thinking of scheduling me for an hour-long consultation, these references might be helpful to you.

And here’s what some of my long-term clients and colleagues have had to say about my work:

“Caletha Crawford has been a part of the core Nested Bean team that brought our flagship product from concept to production. Caletha plays an advisory role providing market perspective on a wide range of topics from brand identity, competitor analysis, product design, product marketing and PR to the trade. Among many of her strengths her ability to accurately identify market positioning as well as her excellent project management skills have proven to be an asset at every step. Caletha’s authoring and editorial skills have helped Nested Bean craft just the right message to different target audiences on both web and print. I have enjoyed working with her and look forward to our collaboration on future initiatives within Nested Bean.”
—Manasi Gangan
Founder, Nested Bean
“Caletha is responsible for producing our bi-monthly newsletter that is distributed to over 1,000 retailers via email, covering topics such as trend reports and new product announcements. Caletha’s extensive knowledge of the fashion industry from a wholesale and consumer perspective has made her highly sought after.  This is precisely why we engaged Ms. Crawford to help expand our business online and offline.
Caletha’s work ethic is admirable.  She works independently, meets deadlines as promised and exceeds our expectations.  We are thrilled with the success that she has brought our business.”
—Ginger Dhaliwal
Owner, Tiny Ginger showroom in NY
“I am a professor of footwear design at Parsons The New School For Design and the president of 8-Track Shoe Corp., an R&D (Research and Development) to the footwear industry. 8-Track has developed a new patented, innovative technology for children’s shoes, and I was so impressed with Caletha’s knowledge about how the fashion industry works we have asked her to come on board at 8-Track to help us market the technology. I am impressed with her character and professionalism.  She is a team player, hard working and honest.”
—Howard Davis
President, Howard Davis
“I worked with and reported to Caletha Crawford during my tenure at Earnshaw’s as a marketing director and advertising manager and have followed her career with admiration and respect for her professionalism, editorial and management skills, and insights into the unique nature of the children’s industry as it relates to manufacturers and retailers. Her experience and inside knowledge of marketing, public relations, media relations, sourcing, manufacturing and retailing provide a well-rounded background for providing a wide range of consulting services, especially for small to medium businesses at every growth stage from start-up to established brands looking for guidance and fresh, goal-driven business plans.Caletha is an expert in business communications. She is creative, responsible and hard-working, able to both develop and implement cost-effective strategies on schedule. She has developed working relationships with a variety of professional service providers in the children’s industry that expand her resources to implement every task of a business plan, from short-term consultation and projects to long-term management of marketing, public relations, consumer and competitive research and analysis, trade show planning, media relations, graphic services and sales direction.”

—David Gaunt
Editorial director, The Giggle Guide
“I worked with Caletha Crawford for eight years. Caletha was first hired as an editor on Earnshaw’s, then as Editor in Chief and Publisher. My title was Vice President of Sales so we worked closely on a daily basis.Caletha is very organized and has strong managerial skills. She has the ability to multitask seamlessly. When describing Caletha, the key word is professional. She has the ability to instruct and get the best work out of the staff reporting to her.

Caletha is an excellent writer and has complete knowledge of the children’s apparel and related products industry. Under her direction, Earnshaw’s editorial content has progressed to the next level from good to excellent. The feature stories had depth and gave pertinent information. The company and personal profiles were written to give an accurate picture of the subject, realizing Earnshaw’s mission is to help the manufacturers sell product and give retailers the information needed to improve their business.
Any business lucky enough to get Caletha as an employee will be getting a smart, creative, dedicated professional.”

—Erwin Pearl
Former Vice President of Sales, Earnshaw’s

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