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Find the fun; Find the inspiration

Upon hearing what you do for a living, has anyone ever said to you, “Oh, that sounds like fun”? Yeah, me too, and it’s actually a little pet peeve of mine. Not because I don’t find the children’s wear industry fun but it’s also a lot of […]

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Boosting Sales Through Better Buys

As consumers, we’ve all done it: Aimlessly floated into a store and either come up empty handed or worse, ended up with a bag full of regrets. Either way, spontaneous shopping trips at the retail level are relatively low risk. We’re not talking about a lot of […]

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Is Your Sales Approach a Turn On or a Turn Off?

I recently stopped in a local store to stock up on vitamins. As soon as I stepped foot inside the door, the sales girl started offering suggestions on what to take with what. I know it’s her job to upsell but it was a bit much. (Not […]

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