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How’s Your Follow-Through?

This article originally appeared in my newsletter (which you can sign up for here). These columns are usually the place where I reveal some obscure fact about myself in order to draw parallels between life and business. And this time will be no different, so here we […]

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Perception: Is Brand Dysmorphia Holding Your Company Back?

I have a new pastime: coining phrases. Whenever a clever (or clever to me!) saying pops into my head, I share it with friends, impressing upon them that they heard it here first. I recently shared one of these “gems” on Twitter. If you follow me there, […]

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Running the Good Race

The sales season is hectic and labor intensive but don’t get so bogged down with your to-list that you lose sight of the key ways you can boost your sales, as outlined in my latest Baby & Children’s Product News article with the Christine McCarthy of the […]

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Forecasting Changes Is Your Job

Nothing in life is ever guaranteed and if you run your own business, I’m certainly not telling you anything you don’t already know—and experience—every day. Just when you think you’ve got your bases covered, consumers’ tastes change, your favorite buyer leaves your top-selling store or your go-to […]

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