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I have written for a variety of publications, covering the children’s clothing industry, fashion, retail and technology, including The Giggle Guide, Baby & Children’s Product News, Gift Shop, KidX, Pirouette and Fashion Incubator. Here you’ll find links to my articles as they relate to children’s clothing and starting and running a small business:
BCPN FEB_MARCH 15 CoverBaby & Children’s Product News — February 2015
Tips for Booking More Sales in Q1
Screen shot 2015-01-06 at 2.09.19 PMBaby & Children’s Product News — December 2014
Become a Rainmaker in 2015
Baby & Children’s Product News — October 2014
Harvesting Trade Show Spoils
Screen shot 2014-09-10 at 8.30.32 AMThe Giggle Guide — September 2014
Burnish Your Brand by Polishing Up Customer Service
bcpn aug_sept 14 cover thumbnailBaby & Children’s Product News — August 2014
Running the Good Race
Screen shot 2014-06-29 at 10.28.11 AM squareBaby & Children’s Product News — June 2014
Map to Trade Show Success
Screen shot 2014-05-23 at 12.26.56 PM The Giggle Guide – May 20, 2014
Going Hollywood with Your Wholesale Distribution Strategy
Parsons Panel Parsons The New School for Design Event – April 2014
Making It In Children’s Wear
bcpn cover square Baby & Children’s Product News – April 2014
5 Steps For Better Sales in ’15
published_GG-Feb-2014 The Giggle Guide – February 11, 2014
How Being On Time Can Help You Clock More Sales
published_KX-Jan-2014 KidX – January 2014
New Trade Agreement Puts Colombian Production in the Spotlight
published_GG-Aug-2013 The Giggle Guide – August 6, 2013
Treating Your Fashion Business Like a Team Sport
published_GG-April-2013 The Giggle Guide – April 9, 2013
Dissecting the Elements of a Fashion Brand
published_KX-Jan-2013 KidX – January 2013
Growth Through Collaboration
published_GG-Jan-2013 The Giggle Guide – January 8, 2013
Claiming Victory Over Your 2013 Business Resolutions
published_GG-Oct-2012 The Giggle Guide – October 9, 2012
5 Steps for Cooking Up Products That Sell Like Hotcakes
published_KX-Summer-2012 KidX – Summer 2012
Land of Opportunity: The New Normal in the USA
published_GR-Fall-2012 Green Retailer – Fall 2012
Baby Boom
published_GG-May-2012 The Giggle Guide – May 24, 2012
Transforming Your Company with First-Class Branding
published_GG-April-2012 The Giggle Guide – April 25, 2012
Drumming Up Sales by Combining Marketing Efforts
published_GG-March-2012 The Giggle Guide – March 13, 2012
Boosting Your Brand with Ads That Score Big
published_GG-Feb-2012 The Giggle Guide – February 27, 2012
Making Your Business Future-Proof with a Little Detective Work
published_GG-Dec-2011 The Giggle Guide – December 27, 2011
Tips for Helping Your Sell-Throughs Take Off
published_GG-Nov-2011 The Giggle Guide – November 15, 2011
Goosing Sales Through Consumer Engagement
published_GG-Oct-2011 The Giggle Guide – October 25, 2011
Tapping Into the Magic of Social Shopping
published_GG-Sept-2011 The Giggle Guide – September 26, 2011
Need a Sales Barometer? Check the Retail Climate.
published_GG-Sept-2-2011 The Giggle Guide – September 2, 2011
Identifying the Tools Your Business Needs to Shift into High Gear
published_GS-Summer-2011 Gift Shop – Summer 2011
Playing It Safe: The new directions in the toy industry
published_GG-July-2011 The Giggle Guide – July 26, 2011
Putting Relationships at the Heart of Your Sales Strategy
published_GG-June-2011 The Giggle Guide – June 23, 2011
Spreading the Gospel of Your Brand through Brand Advocates
published_GG-May-2011 The Giggle Guide – May 18, 2011
Using Storytelling to Differentiate Your Brand
published_GG-April-2011 The Giggle Guide – April 25, 2011
Giving Your Business A Reality Check
published_Parsons-March-2011 Event – March 2011
Parsons Children’s Wear Panel Discussion
published_FI-Jan-2011 Fashion Incubator – January 25, 2011
The secret for starting a successful children’s apparel line

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