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Could Your Business Use A Little Retail Therapy?

Sometimes the best things you can do for your business are the simplest. In Need a Sales Barometer? Check the Retail Climate, my latest article for The Giggle Guide, I make one suggestion that could add up to big rewards for your brand: give your business a […]

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Can You Afford To Do Everything Yourself?

Starting a new business is exciting. And it’s a good thing because you need the adrenaline to fuel the long hours and steep learning curve ahead. Eventually though burning the candle at both ends often leads to burn out. While it can be efficient, cost-effective and necessary […]

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Toys Are Us: The State of the Toy Industry

Toys Are Us: The State of the Toy Industry Thinking about getting into the toy biz? It’s not all fun and games, especially in the iPad era when most kids are content with the entertainment on their screens. In my latest article for Gift Shop magazine, Playing […]

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Is Your Sales Approach a Turn On or a Turn Off?

I recently stopped in a local store to stock up on vitamins. As soon as I stepped foot inside the door, the sales girl started offering suggestions on what to take with what. I know it’s her job to upsell but it was a bit much. (Not […]

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Brand Advocates & Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Ok, so for my latest article for The Giggle Guide, I’m definitely showing my age. Sigh. With references to that old Faberge Organics shampoo and Afterschool Specials, the article Spreading the Gospel of Your Brand through Brand Advocates is basically a time capsule for the 80s. And the […]

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It’s (Brand) Story Time. What Do You Have to Say For Your Products?

I hate to gamble. As I always say, I can’t separate the amount of time it took me to earn my money from the swiftness with which it disappears into a black hole at a casino. Take slot machines, for instance. They’re the world’s worst vending machines. […]

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Watching Television Can Be Smart for Business

Right off the bat, I’ll tell you: I’ve always watched too much television. And here’s another confession: if you’re one of those people who doesn’t own a TV, I already know we have nothing in common. It’s one of those things people like to quietly shame you […]

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Parsons Goes Inside Children’s Wear With An Industry Panel

New York-based Parsons The New School for Design recently hosted Inside Children’s Wear, a panel discussion that focused on children’s wear and the special considerations inherent in designing, marketing and selling wares in this market. Francesca Sammaritano, Parsons’ assistant professor, specializing in children’s wear, and I organized […]

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Want to Launch a Successful Children’s Clothing Brand? Here’s The Secret.

I was thrilled when Kathleen Fasanella invited me to contributed to her amazing fashion business site, She and I had remained in contact from my days at Earnshaw’s magazine. And I saw this as a perfect opportunity to explain the reasoning behind launching my own business, […]

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