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Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution Starts With A Plan

I’m really not one for New Year’s resolutions but of course there are always things I’d like to improve. In the back of our minds we all have similar thoughts: whittle our waists, organize our lives, have more fun, have more success. The problem is without a […]

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Take a Note From The Cronut And Create Buzz For Your Product

Ever noticed a trend and wondered how it became a “thing”? While consumers sometimes spontaneously coalesce around a product or an idea, more than likely the seemingly spontaneous new obsession was actually carefully engineered by some clever marketer. If you’ve ever seen an ad and thought, “I […]

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Organics & The Juvenile Products Industry

At the dawn of the eco-friendly frenzy, companies were popping up left and right with green (or in some dubious cases “green”) goods. It was clear the industry wouldn’t be able to sustain the flood of new organic entrants. And sure enough, most of them have shaken […]

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A Look At The Children’s Wear Market in the United States

For the summer edition of KidX International magazine, I contributed the story Land Of Opportunity about how the U.S. children’s wear market is faring in “the new normal.” In it, I interviewed execs from the Appaman label, Biscotti brand, Zulily flash sale site, Playtime trade shows, In […]

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Your Brand Is Your Roadmap

You’ve got a logo so you’ve got a brand, right? Wrong! Logos are one part of your brand identity but they’re just one part (and they should be the first thing you develop). Often when I mention branding or brand development to potential clients they’re unclear what […]

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The ABCs of Effective Advertising

As a former magazine publisher, I know most entrepreneurs are wary when it comes to advertising. Generally speaking, they don’t know how it works or if it works. And therefore they can find it difficult to justify the expenditure. But done right, advertising is an investment. In […]

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Forecasting Changes Is Your Job

Nothing in life is ever guaranteed and if you run your own business, I’m certainly not telling you anything you don’t already know—and experience—every day. Just when you think you’ve got your bases covered, consumers’ tastes change, your favorite buyer leaves your top-selling store or your go-to […]

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Learning Your Role in Boosting Reorders

Congratulations your product is in stores. Now the real work begins. Though selling into stores is definitely an accomplishment, the real goal is securing the reorder because retailers will only come back if your products performed well. Often it seems brands forget this simple fact. And it’s […]

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Loyal Customers Are Engaged Customers

When you started your business you probably had daydreams about getting your line into stores, where people would see it, love it and buy it. In these dreams though you probably didn’t also envision the tons of other well designed, well made products on the market hanging […]

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How Social Are You? Why Embracing Social Media Is Important

These days it definitely doesn’t pay to be anti social. Marketers who are embracing social media as a part of their overall plan are faring better than those who’ve chosen to sit it out. The biggest reason is social media makes shopping social. It brings the things […]

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