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Is your business in sync with your customers’ values?

This article originally appeared in my newsletter (which you can sign up for here), and it was well received then and seems like the type of check-up businesses could use as we transition into the new year and you re-evaluate what’s working for you and what’s not. […]

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Becoming a Rainmaker in 2015

The New Year will start with a flurry of activity as you try to wrap up Fall ’14 and prepare for the deluge of Spring ’15 and Fall ’15 activities. But before the squall hits, create a climate for success by setting goals and developing actionable steps. […]

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Harvesting Trade Show Spoils

Trade shows are fertile ground for jumpstarting the season. With the major markets behind us, it’s time to think about how to maximize on low-hanging fruit and plant the seeds for long-term success. Here are some ways to increase the yield from your trade show investment, as […]

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Running the Good Race

The sales season is hectic and labor intensive but don’t get so bogged down with your to-list that you lose sight of the key ways you can boost your sales, as outlined in my latest Baby & Children’s Product News article with the Christine McCarthy of the […]

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Trade show prep starts here

Think you’re ready for your next trade show? Before you go, consider the following trade show prep tips as seen in my latest Baby & Children’s Product News article with the Christine McCarthy of the Children’s Apparel Consulting Group: Prep for your trip Preparation is key to […]

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Sales is about: Location, location, location

We already know the adage is true of real estate, but as it turns out, wholesale sales is about location as well. Sometimes we put too much emphasis on numbers, especially when it comes to sales (and buying, but that’s another blog topic). While the number of […]

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Making It In Children’s Wear

Whether they’re starting from school, switching careers or have been in the children’s wear industry for years, everyone is always wondering what it takes to succeed in this industry. Together with Francesca Sammaritano, Assistant Professor (specialized in children’s wear), I hosted a panel at Parsons The New […]

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Help Is Here: The Children’s Apparel Consulting Group

I’ve recently teamed with industry veteran Christine McCarthy to form the Children’s Apparel Consulting Group (CACG). The Children’s Apparel Consulting Group is network of industry veterans that assists children’s clothing brands with every aspect of their businesses. Our expertise spans concept development, branding, design, merchandising, sales, marketing, […]

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How To Go From Concept To Collection

I’m often approached by would-be design entrepreneurs, and invariably they want feedback on their products they plan to create. Typically what they have in mind isn’t really a collection or even the framework for one. It’s usually the start of a concept, which is a great place […]

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Growth Through Collaboration

For my latest contribution to KidX Trend, I reported on a growing retail trend. In Growth Through Collaboration, I highlighted Giggle’s move into JC Penney stores with Giggle Baby. In it, Giggle’s CEO shared why she felt the collaboration was a smart move for her upscale boutique […]

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