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Run your business with your head and your heart

Last year, my friend Leslie won the Today Show “Next Big Thing” contest (kinda like a mini Shark Tank). It was all very exciting, culminating in a spot on QVC where she sold out within seconds. While this is a big boon for her business, it’s a bigger […]

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What you don’t know could be holding you back

The March children’s wear shows promise to be turnt up. Amirite? Not sure? No idea what I’m talking about? Unless you’ve got young adults at home, you’d have no reason to. I’m literally speaking another language. One you may not have even known existed. But this begs […]

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Kids Wear Sales Reps Rap On Boosting Spring Sales

This article originally appeared in my newsletter (which you can sign up for here). Wanna know what’s happening in the industry? Ask a rep. They’re literally in the middle of it all. Read on to find out what they have to say about spring sales, upcoming trends, […]

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Find the fun; Find the inspiration

Upon hearing what you do for a living, has anyone ever said to you, “Oh, that sounds like fun”? Yeah, me too, and it’s actually a little pet peeve of mine. Not because I don’t find the children’s wear industry fun but it’s also a lot of […]

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Time to realize it’s not all about you

Tis the season for love, but I’m not that into “like.” Coming from a journalism background, I’m kind of a word person, but that’s one word I purposely try not to use when talking to clients. First, their lines are not about me, so who cares what […]

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How’s Your Follow-Through?

This article originally appeared in my newsletter (which you can sign up for here). These columns are usually the place where I reveal some obscure fact about myself in order to draw parallels between life and business. And this time will be no different, so here we […]

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Bite-Size Biz Tips from a Food Truck

If you know me, you know I’m a geek when it comes to retail—and an absolute glutton when it comes to food. So when my cousin, Barbara, and her husband Curtis launched a food truck in Columbus, Ohio, I was consumed with the idea of hopping aboard. […]

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Perception: Is Brand Dysmorphia Holding Your Company Back?

I have a new pastime: coining phrases. Whenever a clever (or clever to me!) saying pops into my head, I share it with friends, impressing upon them that they heard it here first. I recently shared one of these “gems” on Twitter. If you follow me there, […]

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Tipping points for today’s top children’s wear brands

Running a business is hard, and it’s easy to get discouraged. But sometimes it just takes one product or one decision to put you on the road to success. I recently had the opportunity to hear Leonard Lauder speak at the 92 Street Y in New York. Lauder, […]

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Boosting Sales Through Better Buys

As consumers, we’ve all done it: Aimlessly floated into a store and either come up empty handed or worse, ended up with a bag full of regrets. Either way, spontaneous shopping trips at the retail level are relatively low risk. We’re not talking about a lot of […]

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